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Contamination Control


Contamination Control for the prevention of nosocomial infections is a topic of increasing importance, since it is clear that these infections are one of the major causes of increased illness among hospitalized patients and health workers. 
The infections are particularly dangerous if the contamination occurs in areas where the patient is hospitalized in conditions of particular "weakness" (i.e. operating departments, intensive care units, hematology, etc.).

In these environments the control is applied according to the legal criteria and very specific standards defining verification modalities and timing, which must be met with regard to systems and facilities, as well as staff and management.

CTP SYSTEM services:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Design and Engineering services
  • Testing of air-conditioning, water, gas anesthetics, etc.
  • Cleaning and Decontamination plans
  • Verification of Disinfectants Effectiveness
  • Verification of Sterilization Process Effectiveness
  • Staff Training
  • Environmental Monitoring of Chemical-Physical and Microbiological Parameters
  • Operating rooms monitoring
  • Clean rooms / laboratories monitoring
  • Anesthetic gas monitoring


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