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Process Area

  • Consultancy for FDA import practices
  • Consultancy and support of quality systems in compliance with international standards (FDA USDA - IFS – ISO, etc.)
  • Implementation of SOP review for use/maintenance and cleaning practices
  • Audits to suppliers/customers
  • Sampling and monitoring plans
  • Optimization and process studies
  • Quality management and deviation management
  • Training and education

Qualification and Validation Area

  • Validation of systems and critical control equipment (metal detectors, selectors, inspection machines, etc.)
  • Validation of food plants (distribution loops, water systems, transfer lines, clean fluids productions, etc.)
  • Validation of thermal processes (e.g. sterilization, pasteurization) both in Europe and with regulations for FDA accreditation
  • Validation of transports and preservation and freezing areas
  • Validation of CIP/SIP washing systems
  • Validation of clean rooms, clean areas and controlled atmosphere
  • Validation of control and laboratory equipment
  • Process equipment calibration
  • Preparation and implementation of control plans for calibration, maintenance and microbiology

Process/Engineering Area

  • Shelf life studies
  • Validation of sanitation and sanitizing
  • Development of specific sanitizing and hygienic-sanitary protocols
  • Studies on waters and process fluids
  • Risk analysis

Engineering Area

  • Feasibility and design studies for restructuring and changing production units
  • Engineering and design of departments, facilities and process plants in compliance with specific regulations


All in these fields:

  • Canning
  • Dairy
  • Beverage
  • Ready to eat / Ready to cook
  • Packaging
  • etc.

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